Campus do Mar introduces a group of international mobility European experts in to the charms of the Ría de Vigo

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A group of about 50 international mobility experts from 13 EU countries arrived in Vigo to attend the International Administrative and Teaching Staff Training Week. They were taken on a tidal route organised by the Campus do Mar on Monday, in which they discovered the charming landscapes of the Ría de Vigo and enjoyed the breathtaking shoreline beauty.

The participants in this forum, organised by the University of Vigo, were accompanied by a team of dissemination instructors on their 6km shoreline walk from the Maritime Museum of Galicia to Canido beach, which took them through the Argazada and Samil sandy beaches, the River Lagares mouth, and on towards the Fontaiña and Vao beaches.

This promotional activity organised by the Campus do Mar and the International Relations Office of the University of Vigo was to inform the representatives of the European universities about the International Marine Campus of Excellence promoted by the three Galician universities, the CSIC and the IEO, and furthermore to present the excellent natural conditions that the coastline of the Galicia-Northern Portugal Euroregion offers for a project of this nature.