Campus do Mar research clusters begins operations


Campus do Mar continues to develop and grow in its different areas. On the subject of research, the current program is focussed on preparation of strategic plans for the four research clusters that comprise the Excellence project. The first meetings were held in early February wherein research areas and lines to be covered by each cluster over the years were identified.

The said research areas and lines have finally been defined after a month of internal work and a second round of meetings held from the 9th to the 13th of March, 2012. These research areas and lines not only cover the adequate number of researchers that who will work within the Campus do Mar but will also comply with the premise of being oriented towards resolving the great challenges currently identified by science and demanded by society within the scope of the marine field. In this sense, the problems associated with global change and sustainable economic development are the two main axes that govern the development of these strategic plans.

The identification of research areas and lines within each cluster have a transversal orientation when we consider that both global change and sustainable economic development are essentially multifactor in nature. Therefore, resolution of a specific problem can be done through diverse perspectives by promoting collaboration between clusters.

The following step is to provide a detailed description of the research areas and lines corresponding to each cluster once they have been identified. This stage, which will be adequately agreed and directed, will finish with the preparation of the strategic plans.  It will also lead to the identification and definition of the big projects that are relevant to science in general and the geographic scope of the Campus do Mar in particular.