Campus do Mar gets support from INEO – the reference association of ITCs in Galicia


INEO, the Multi-sector Association of New Information & Communication Technologies, comprised of more than 65 companies with a total turnover of about 165 million Euros, and over 2000 professional employees, is now offering its support to the Campus do Mar, via an expression of interest to coordinate and participate within the scope of the ITCs belonging to the International Campus of Excellence. At a meeting held between the INEO management, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Vigo, Mr. Salustiano Mato and the Director of the Campus do Mar, Mr. Emilio Fernández, the chairman of this multi-sector association, Mr. Jorge Cebreiros, announced that the “University and the Campus do Mar can count on the support of INEO for whatever needed”, and furthermore added that he considered that the orientation taken from the very beginning by this International Campus of Excellence is very positive.

Mr. Salustiano Mato emphasised to the 15 personas present at the meeting, on the need for measuring excellence in universities, “based not only on  the knowledge generated therein but also on the transfer of such knowledge to society at large through business networks”. The Director of the Campus do Mar, Mr. Emilio Fernández was the one who provided detailed explanations to association members on how the project is being carried out, and highlighted the close link sought between the worlds of research and business.

ITC partnership

INEO is comprised of more than 60 companies which carry out their activities in areas such as hardware, software, networks &  telecommunications, Internet & contents, ITC training and consultancy. They do so through active involvement in development of their socio-economic environment by promoting implementation of new information and communication technologies, innovation based on knowledge management and constant learning, and use the same as key elements to compete in a global market.

INEO periodically organises encounters for members with important people from the public administrations, associations, the business world, and important economic and social agents from Galicia, in order to develop close links between the ITC sector and the fields of reference for creation of employment and wealth.

Source: DUVI