Thematic areas

Executive Research Commission

Responsible for launching the 4 R&D clusters from the new emerging research lines and for the CEDAMA (Maritime Data Centre).

The Commission is in turn subdivided into 4 work groups:

Executive Transfer Commission

Responsible for everything connected with Technology Transfer and Research Results, and for promoting business culture and professional practices.

Executive Internationalisation Commission

The international projection of the Campus do Mar, and the reception and mobility of scholars, depend on this Commission.

Executive Teaching and Talent Recruitment Commission

It looks after selection of scientists and technologists who can support the strategic actions of the Campus. The International Postgraduate School is also the responsibility of this Commission.

Executive Social Projection and Scientific Culture Commission

All transversal actions aimed at linking the Campus do Mar with the social environment and the introduction of Marine Sciences and Technologies to society is the responsibility of this Commission.

>> Members of the executive Commissions

Management Unit

It is responsible for normal administrative tasks, such as financial aspects of the project, human resources and services, but the unit is also responsible for multidisciplinary activities that affect all areas and the project as a whole.