Study at Campus do Mar

Campus do Mar seeks to become one of the driving forces of growth and development in society by training top level professionals for high levels of productivity and competitiveness. The teaching centres of this International Campus of Excellence in the marine field are making on-going efforts to improve their offer and teaching activity, through improvement of basic aspects such as infrastructures and equipment, as well as academic management services.

At present, the seven universities that make up the Campus do Mar offer a total of 277 graduate programs, 578 master’s programs and 229 PhD programs. This broad range of study programs gives us an idea of the strength of the grouping.


Postgraduate training offer

PhD in Marine Science, Technology and Management (DO*MAR)
From this academic year onwards, the Campus do Mar is offering its own international, cross border PhD program with a global vision and multi-annual plan. It seeks to attract overseas students who consider the Campus do Mar aggregation of member institutions as a preferred destination for their Master’s and PhD degree training.

Master degrees

Digital Campus for students

This service provides digital tools to Campus do Mar students to undertake their training and learning tasks.

Campus do Mar Grants and Scholarships

The Campus do Mar has its own scholarship program whose aim is to enable students to study towards a Master’s or a PhD degree.


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Premio Marine Instruments

The Marine Instruments Award is a competition launched by the company MARINE INSTRUMENTS and Campus do Mar, within the university environment, to encourage use of technological innovation among students.

International post-graduate college

The international postgraduate school is a key element in the reorganization, extension and establishment of the current range of masters and doctoral study programmes in the marine field