International post-graduate college

The international postgraduate school is a key element in the reorganization, extension and establishment of the current range of masters and doctoral study programmes in the marine field. this programme will increase international collaboration in studies and forms an essential part of transforming campus do mar into a campus of international excellence.


  • Increase the number of foreign students on postgraduate and doctoral programmes.
  • Increase the number of theses reviewed by researchers working at the group’s organizations.
  • Increase the number of the research group’s doctoral theses.
  • Increase the number of teaching programmes in partnership with foreign universities.
  • Ensure that all doctorate programs obtain the seal of excellence.
  • Promote the exchange of students, teachers and workers with national and international universities.
  • Establish the school as reference point for company training.
  • Promote the international visibility of campus do mar.

Action plan

  • Undertaking preparatory actions for the creation of the school
  • Ensuring the suitability of existing infrastructure
  • Creation of a management team
  • Creation of a teaching committee
  • Organization of seminars and conferences
  • Creation of a technical team
  • Implementation of an internal system to guarantee quality
  • Integration with the headhunting programme
  • Development of a teaching and academic offer program
  • Creation of a communications plan
  • Creation of a program to foster student mobility
  • Creation of a support program for foreign students

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