Competitiveness: Technological Progress and Bussiness Management


Fields of research and research lines

Research Fields

Maritime Transport, infrastructures, safety and security

Technologies for the marine industrial sector

Marine and maritime social and economic influences

Research Lines

Intelligent and efficient offshore plattforms and shipbuilding design

Sensing, data acquisition, analysis and understanding

Bussiness competitiveness and sustainability

Safety and security on board, ports and in maritime activities

Automation and robotics in industrial processes

Maritime and port logistics

Communications and control in maritime activities

Sustainability and energy efficiency

Social and economic impact of marine and maritime activities

Design and construction of maritime infrastructures

Telematic services


José Daniel Pena Agras Universidade da Coruña
Santiago Cabaleiro CETGA
Enrique Peña González (Coordinator) Universidade da Coruña
Carlos Gutiérrez EnergyLab
Julio Maroto Leal CETMAR
Mª do Carmo García Negro Universidade da Coruña
José Benito Peleteiro IEO
Nuria González Prelcic (Coordinator) Universidade de Vigo
Sebastián Villasante (Coordinator) Universidade de Santiago de Compostela