Transfer of technology

Transfer of technology and research results

This programme aims at designing and developing an action framework for the sea-industry complex, in order to transfer the experience, capacity and specialised resources of the institutions that make up the R&D Campus do Mar grouping. This would make this strategic knowledge transfer axis one of the main strengths, in order to ensure that the programme is in line with the requirements of the 2010 cei call for proposals, with the EU 2015 master plan for knowledge transfer, and with the innovation policies in the various administrations and their instrumental programmes.

Encouraging entrepreneurship culture

The programme designed to encourage entrepreneurship culture for identifying, promoting, orientating and creating technologically based companies is an initiative associated with the strategic transfer axis, to transfer research results to companies in their fields of specialisation. In order to achieve this objective, emphasis will be placed on the creation of technology based companies as a by-product of research. This programme will cover the following lines of action:

  1. Dissemination of the “Sea Emprende” program.
  2. Establishment of the sea fund and investors’ club, a risk capital fund specialised in marine sciences and technologies comprised of investors aimed at boosting public and private investment in technology based investments.
  3. Training of entrepreneurs.
  4. Virtual incubator-integral backing for creating technology based companies.