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guide_2 A Guide to Contingency Planning for Oil Spills on Water (Marzo 2000) (Ver publicación )

guide_4 Guidelines for Oil Spill Waste Minimization and Management (2004) (Ver publicación )

guide_1 Guidelines on Biological Impacts Oil Pollution (Julio 2000) (Ver publicación )

mapping Sensivity Mapping for Oil Spill Response (1994) (Ver publicación )

biologicalimp Biological Impacts of Oil Pollution: Fisheries (2000) (Ver publicación )

biologicalimp2 Biological Impacts Of Oil Pollution: Sedimentary Shoes (2000) (Ver publicación )

guide_3 Oil Spill Responder Safety Guide (2002) (Ver publicación )

handbook_05 The International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation Limited (2005/2008) (Ver publicación )

compensation Oil Spill Compensation – A Guide to The International Conventions On Liability and Compensation for Oil Pollution Damage (Febrero 2007) (Ver publicación )

guide_5 A Guide to Oiled Wildlife Response Planning (2004) (Ver publicación )

response Choosing Spill Response Options to Minimize Damage (2000) (Ver publicación )

guide_7 Guide to Oil Spill Exercise Planning (1994) (Ver publicación )

global_initiative Global Initiative (Ver publicación )

action Action Against Oil Pollution (2005) (Ver publicación )