conventions_05 Liability and Compensation for Oil Pollution Damage: Texts of the 1992 Conventions and the Supplementary Fund Protocol (2005) (Ver publicación )

compensation_08 The International Regime for Compensation for Oil Pollution Damage (Marzo 2008) (Ver publicación )

mapo_3 Worldwide State of the Art in the field of Marine Pollution (Junio 2006) (Ver publicación )

mapo_6 Are you an Sme? Do You Work on Marine Pollution issues? (Septiembre 2005-2007) (Ver publicación )

place_refuge_03 Guidelines on Places Of Refuge For ships in Need Assistance (Marzo 2004) (Ver publicación )

mapo_8 A European cartography of SMEs – Skills, business area and RTD experience of European SMEs in the MAPO network on marine pollution (Octubre 2007) (Ver publicación )

protocolo_03 Protocol of 2003 to the International Convention on the Establishment of an International Fund for Compensation for Oil Pollution Damage, 1992 (Ver publicación )

brochure_06 International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds (Marzo 2006) (Ver publicación )

brochure_25_years_03 The IOPC Funds’ 25 Years of Compensating Victims of Oil Pollution Incidents (2003) (Ver publicación )

mapo_2 Overview of European projects in the field of marine pollution that have already been developed in the frame of current and previous EU FP’s (Septiembre 2006) (Ver publicación )

response_manual HELCOM Manual on Co-operation in Response to Marine Pollution within the framework of the Convention on the protection of the Marine Environment of the Baltic Sea Area, (Helsinki Convention) (Marzo 2006) (Ver publicación )

prevention_05 Prevention, What Are the Next Challenges – Workshop Report (2005) (Ver publicación )

claims_manual_05 Claims Manual (April 2005 Edition) (Ver publicación )

mapo_4 A list of regulations that impact on marine pollution and ship operations (Ver publicación )

protocolos Protocol concerning Cooperation in Preventing Pollution from Ships and, in Cases of Emergency, Combating Pollution of the Mediterranean Sea (2003) (Ver publicación )

mapo_1-1 Comprehensive List Of Eu-Funded R&D In the Field Of Marine Pollution (Diciembre 2006) (Ver publicación )

mapo_5 Rejoignez Mapo – Devenez membre du 1er réseau européen de lutte contre les pollutions marines (Septiembre 2005-2007) (Ver publicación )

mapo_7 Are you a Research Centre, University or a big company? Do you work on marine pollution issues? Are you coordinating or planning to propose/submit a European research project in FP7? (Septiembre 2005-2007) (Ver publicación )